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Use Of Questions In Essay

Be careful if you get a religious question to use it about using an image where we know next to nothing about the religion the College Board gives the example I think I included this in your extra credit essays of the Minoan snake goddess we don’t really know anything about the Minoan religion so it would be a bad example to use for that that’s important to be careful about in the art of the Americas but we do have some information at least about some of those cultures and by the way I think would be a very smart thing to go back and review your fellow students podcasts on the art of the Americas as well okay relative Narmer. Learn more about how questions are used in essay at Edusson.

This is a great piece well worth remembering way back when it tells the story of the unification of Egypt it uses higher attic scale or hierarchy of scale it uses important symbols it would be good to review those and as a kind of continuous narration another very important work of continuous narrative is the Bayou tapestry the Normans conquered England in 1066 and soon after made this extraordinary historical tapestry which is one of the most important contain continuous narratives in our history above you see soldiers going into battle and by the way our military historians use this as perhaps their most important source of information about medieval warfare you see the obligatory dead bodies at the bottom that shows up in a lot of continuous narratives below by the way you see King Edward the Confessor summoning William the Conqueror this was an important part William’s claim to the throne helped establish legitimacy this would be a very good work to look up on Wikipedia or something like that and just review excellent example to use for a lot of different kinds of questions. If you`re writing history based essay, check this article.

By the way questions on warfare do sometimes show up so here’s masaccio’s panels of the life of Peter on the walls of the Bronco Chapel this shows up all the time note that the Tribune my money tribute money tells the story in three parts Jesus being challenged about paying the tax Peters there then Peter finding the coin Peter paying the tax do you remember marriage ala mode this was an Enlightenment era satire on the moral corruption a artistic aristocratic classes this be another one that would be good to look up on Wikipedia and remind yourself of this story very likely question on the AP test some part of it and this one shows up almost every time you know the dramatic story about the abandoned the the ship track passengers abandoned by the captain that was a current event at the time it was painted remember the pyramidal structure you saw some questions about this on your various tests this is a work you need to know another college board favorite this wasn’t exactly a current event it was painted a few years after the event but it was based on a true story.