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Social Problems In Your Paper

When you read Gert Tyson’s social setting of Pauline Christianity and Wayne Meeks originally 1983 but updated in 2001 I think first urban Christians and then a couple of articles that I will recommend later but in the reading list things like John Barkley 1987 no no no sorry John Berkeley 1992 Thessalonica and Corinth social contrasts or the introduction to Gordon fee oh the there’s there’s a broad literature of the last 30 years which way to take on board Paul’s concern about divisions but then go on to say we’re reading between the lines of his letter we’re starting to see social divisions possibly groups forming around local house patrons in Corinth and their dependents their households clustering about them these patrons having a favorite apostle probably the apostle that are baptized the household it seems like the two apostles in the contention of Paul and Apollo’s. Find out more about how to write about social aspects in essay at Edusson.

So possibly a house patron of a household church trying to get a particular baptismal apostle onto the household payroll to increase the honor of the household and Paul is resistant to receiving fees from the Corinthians it comes up in 1 Corinthians 9 and becomes even more a greater bone of contention in 2 Corinthians their cross that you won’t accept fees because he’s the patron client relation so yes social divisions just going back to this before we leap in though and start to list actual problems in current what will we this this title isn’t quite as easy to analyze I mean presumably problems is a key term what are we going to count as a problem first Paul’s letter to Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians virtually reads like a list of what Paul thinks the problems are they might not have agreed so one thing to notice is the question doesn’t say what does Paul think the problems were in Corinth because then you could virtually summarize the letter especially if you include those moments where he seems to be defending himself from criticism like in 4 3 and 9 3 he mentions some are criticizing him it doesn’t say what does Paul think of the problems in Corinth this is what were the problems in Corinth. Timing is very important in essay writing, find out about that here.

This could throw us off slightly for a moment again because we might think you know a lot of the commentaries especially the older ones will start with talking about Corinth and its people and they will often mention these sort of early Roman reports from moralizing aristocrats that Corinth was a bit of a city of sin and there was a dock slots of prostitutes and there was just all sorts of debauchery going on so you could end up writing half a page or more as some people do about the problems in wider Corinth it was all terribly immoral that’s not quite what we want to concentrate on really first of all we’re sure that we want to talk about 1 Corinthians and what we know about 1 Corinthians and we do want to get down to Paul’s theology but also try to deduce or infer what some of the Corinthians are thinking to and also when when people do give me these um sort of speeches about how immoral Corinth was there being a little bit of anachronistic.