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Presenting Discussion In Essay

We begin with example a which we don’t need to spend too long on it’s the first kind of question that I mentioned the controversial statement or at least the bold statement in quote marks and then discuss all the theology in Romans is to be found in the first eleven chapters discuss what immediately springs to mind when approaching that question yes if it’s theology in the first eleven Watts in the last five and what would be the key I think there’s probably one key word in that title apart from the fact that you need to talk about Romans theology now of course you could make you could make this discussion terribly complicated for yourself you could draw on your knowledge of theology systematic theology Karl Barth’s theology Augustine’s theology you could draw on your knowledge of theology. Learn how to work with discussions at Edusson.

And you may have read enormous amounts of systematic theology and you can have an extremely long and complex discussion of what theology is that’s probably off track because you need to show what you know about Romans but you knew do need to set out in your introduction the point that theology is a key term here and depending on what you mean by theology that will affect how you will answer the question now I’ve put two main points really it is true that I mean Romans is often thought of as Paul’s systematic treatise the one way he sat down towards the end and sent it all out systematically but if you read works like Wedderburn x’ the reasons for romans i hope he’s here yes there is would have been 1988 or if you read the Romans debate you can’t really hope to study Romans without reading Don freed 1991 the Romans debate or many of the more recent introductions to Romans especially das 2007 solving the Romans debate they’re all on pages 44 and 45 people are not quite so sure that it is a abstract systematic theological treatise first of all Romans does not cover all of the topics that Paul talks about in his no letters secondly there does seem to be a particular situation. If you don`t know how to approach your paper, check this material.

He’s addressing scholars are divided on whether he writes primarily out of his own situation or primarily with a view to the situation of his Gentile Roman Christian audience in in Rome and many will this when many will conclude it’s a combination of both but he does seem to know something about their situation as we see in Romans 14 there’s two groups who are disagreeing about what kind of customs to follow apparently Jewish customs there’s reference to one group boasting over another group throughout Romans particularly Jews and Gentiles so he does seem to have a sense of a situation in Rome he also wants to visit and you know he greets people by name at the end of Romans so he D he’s got some idea of the situation in Rome so I tend to agree that it’s not simply his most abstract systematic treatise it is him presenting his gospel to people.