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History Based Essay

Throughout history narrative has been used in art to communicate social political or religious meaning by the way this is the second kind of question it will also ask for two works it will ask you to come up with your own works but it will usually ask for two from different art historical periods so in this case the distinction is one has to be before 1800 C II and one has to be after 1800 for each work identify the content of the narrative in plain English if it’s telling a story tell the story in as much detail as you can analyze how the work uses the narrative to communicate social political or religious meaning in other words you don’t want just any old story. Find more essays on different topics at Edusson.

You’ll want one that was significant for some reason in that period okay obvious for this and similar questions you need to know your dates I would strongly recommend reviewing your timelines after 1800 really means romanticism and after the French Revolution is 1789 so the death of Marat is not an example that you could use for the second half lots of artwork tells stories but make sure first that you know the story and you can tell it in some detail that the work captures the story and that the narrative is significant in a way that you can discuss in other words pick examples this true of all of the questions where you can flesh out the backstory here’s what the College Board rubric has to say about the challenge of narrative the relating of an event as it unfolds over time is a difficult task for the visual arts this because a work of art often lacks an obvious beginning middle and end by the way this would be a very good point to make in a shorter essay if you’ve got an image that involved narrative. Learn how to work with the questions in your paper here.

For example artists have often sought to present multiple points of a narrative within a single image to convey meaning as in the case of masaccio’s tribute money remember that’s the kind of continuous narration where we have three parts of the story we’ll look at that in a minute or artists encapsulate a sequential event within an individual composition as in Pablo Picasso’s Guernica in other instances artists have employed continuous narrative to communicate a political message as in the relief cycle in the column of Trajan in Rome my big advice is you get this kind of question put as much of the story detail in as you can and talk about the way the artist meets the challenge of describing a series of events or a story in a work of art so here are some works that the College Board suggest for this question I’ve added a few of my own remember you don’t have to have a non-western example here but you do need to pay attention to the dates so that your examples fit into the required time frame I don’t have time to review all these works.