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Approaching An Essay

As a broad structure of sections an introduction that says what you intend to do followed by doing it followed by a conclusion it is a good idea but more abstractly what do you think an essay is it’s an argument but that’s just right I think it took me about two days to think of that last year it’s it’s an argument you’re asked a question you then produced an argument in response to the question so your argument will be a response to the question inevitably and there are different kinds of question there are questions like controversial statement followed by discuss Paul was a feminist discuss. Learn how to work with controversial statements at Edusson.

And then often those controversial statements are so clearly controversial that you immediately have a chance to dissect the question and say well it depends what you mean by feminist and on the one hand one could say this on the other hand you could say that there’s an element of Ekron anachronism involved but I’m going to approach it this way and the new cities out there and then there’s the other kind of question which simply is very broad like disgust sin in Romans which is deceptively hard because then you have to decide what you’re going to say about it and what you think should be in the discussion of sit and you also have to generate an argument because otherwise you’re just going to list a load of things listing what you know is fine it’s not wrong but it’s actually a prerequisite to making an argument you should know some things because you read some things so I would say listing a number of things you know on a subject is in general terms probably the kind of thing that gets you a medium mark like a to to having your list of things in your head identifying an argument that you’re going to make and then make it making it using the list of things you know. Get to know how to work with discussions here.

That’s when the grapes go up so what if I said here does it make any sense yes I mean an S oh and I say actually I was also pleased to discover recently the essay I think simply means an attempt which is nice you don’t have to solve perennial problems of scholarship you’re going to make an argument it’s going to be your attempt to answer the question so as long as you can make a coherent argument in which you set out what you think the issues are and then you discuss them critically and using your insight and then conclude that’s good you marshal the material you’ve studied you make an argument in order to show what you’ve studied and that you’ve thought about it critically you probably know what I’m going to say if we turn to page two what’s the first thing you do when you read an essay title what’s your basic approach in fact to an essay title for the whole thing just identify what you think of the most important terms in the title and then you analyze them.